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animated stories

The aim of aSTORIES (Animated Stories) is to entertain, educate and inspire through storytelling by leveraging immersive & innovative technologies

- k2k studios -



K2K's 2023 Collection is called 'WORLD WARS - IN THE TIME OF SALOME'. This theme is being interpreted as war in a time of peace. Interestingly, war comes in many different forms. It can be physical, emotional, or psychological.  K2K attempts to showcase all three facets of war by using various mediums throughout the debut of its 2023 Collection. In terms of the aSTORIES platform, K2K has introduced the story of Agate to bring awareness to the Climate War


As the wheels of time turn, the transition towards a sustainable environment is of utmost importance. The world is at a critical crossroad with growing concerns around the climate crisis taking center stage. Thus, to keep the wheels of time rotating into perpetuity, a well-oiled motor, primed on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) fundamentals are paramount to ensure a sustainable future

foundation setting

The story of Agate is inspired by the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is grounded in “the UN’s 17 SDG interlinked global goals, which are designed to be a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future". With that said, we seek to educate readers on the topic of ESG by interweaving this framework into our fantasy narrative. We hope that you enjoy!

crafting the esg narrative
via storytelling 

e (environment) 

The fantasy planet, Agate, once the diamond of net-zero transition, is now facing the threat of global warming, which has been exacerbated by war. The focus on global warming and its secondary impact addresses the 'E' in ESG

s (social)

The fight to save the planet is guided by minority, female-led military squads. The depiction of an all-female, minority-led battalion focuses on the 'S' of ESG, as it speaks to driving gender equality, equity and inclusion across all industries and sectors

g (governance)

The plant of Agate is governed by a diverse confederation, each lobbying for the mission of peace. The diversity of the governing body (UCOP) relates to the 'G' in ESG, as it speaks to diversified thought-leadership and equitable practices to prevent bribery and corruption 

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